22. Sep 2019

Final Review

Final review

5G-MiEdge’s final review took place in Tokyo on September 22nd. Representatives of the European Commission (EC) and Ministry of Internal Affairs  and Communications (MIC) and reviewers from both sides attended the final review meeting which focused on the achievements in the third and final year of the project.

The project team from Japan and Europe presented the overall achievement in great detail accompanied by proof of concept demonstrations captured on video during the project and a live demo of a surveillance drone use case using Millimeter wave wireless backhaul of 4K video to a 5G base and performing video analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) with mobile edge computing (MEC), both technologies Millimeter Wave Wireless Access and Mobile Edge Computing being the core components of research in the joint EU/JP collaboration project in the recent 3 years.

The presented project results during the review and associated deliverables were fully accepted and evaluated as outstanding achievements with a significant impact on technology readiness and 5G standardization.

Demo on Final Review

The 5G-MiEdge team would like to thank EC and MIC for funding and supporting the joint collaboration project and all 5G-MiEdge and 5G-MiEdge+ team members for their technical contributions, shared thoughts and visions, fostering intercultural and interregional collaboration  between Japanese and European researchers.

It has been a great pleasure to work with all of you in a great team, jointly working on 5G as the global standard for the years to come. Our shared passion for technology advancements was the source and base for a successful and impactful 5G-MiEdge project.

Kei Sakaguchi, project coordinator Japan

Thomas Haustein, project coordinator Europe

Konstantin Koslowski, project manager Europe

Khanh Tran Gia, project manager Japan

Sergio Barbarrossa, technical manager 

20. Sep 2019

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