Tuesday, 15/08/2017

Latest events and publications

Update on the current project status

Lately we’ve been pretty busy with research, papers and preparation for the upcoming events.

So now we wanted to share our progress with you and let you know: There’s a lot coming!

Recent publications

  • We published three deliverables
    • D1.1 Use Cases and Scenario Definition
    • D1.2 Mid-term report on joint EU/JP vision, business models and eco-system impact
    • D5.1 First report on dissemination, standards, regulation and exploitation plan
  • As well as a number of papers
    • 60 GHz band wireless access technology based on IEEE 802.11ad/WiGig and its future perspectives (JP)
    • Use cases for mmWave and Mobile Edge computing, two building blocks of 5G networks: the vision of the European funded projects 5G-MiEdge

Upcoming events

  • CSCN 2017 in Helsinki in September, we will present our latest paper there
  • SmartCom 2017 in Rome in October, some of our partners are organizing this event and we will present our latest research

Please see the documents and events tabs for further information.

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